Saturday, 10 December 2011

Wax Tarts

Good evening!! How are you all lovely ladies!? What a long week! Any exciting weekend plans?


I received a parcel today with a few wax tarts and a burner. This is the first time I've ever used wax tarts. I was inspired by the lovely  Adrienne at The Sunday Girl. Check out her blog- I love it!!

I ordered the wax tarts from Scented Candle Shop. I ordered 6- didn't want to go overboard! It was very hard to restrain myself though. Some of them sound delicious!!


BLOG 018


So far I've tried Strawberry Buttercream. It smells heavenly!! I have also tried Creamy Caramel. Its OK. Not sure if I would order it again though.


BLOG 019


The Burner! Haha. Ill be honest….I wasnt 100% sure how to use wax tarts..lucky I looked it up though, I was going to burn the actually tarts!! Haha.

Below is a simple and informative video if anyone is thinking about using wax tarts but not sure how to. What I will say is that it is very simple, the smell lasts ages, and you can re-use the same tart over and over again.  There is nothing nicer than walking into a room that smells gorgeous! Ahhhhh its the simple things in life!




What is your favourite way of making a room smell nice? Candles, wax tarts, incense sticks etc? Have you ever used wax tarts?


  1. I've never used wax tarts before but I'm kind of intrigued now. I usually use incense! Following you :) xo

  2. They definitely look intriguing! I love candles or scented oils with reeds! :-) like the look of the tarts though! Xxx