Friday, 30 September 2011

Glossy Box September

Greetings gorgeous girlies (too much!?) Thought id do a quick post with a few pics of the September Glossy Box. It is my first box, and I'm super excited about it A bit late, I know!

Pretty much squealed when I arrived home and realised it had been delivered Smile hehe. I’ll do a follow up post with a few product reviews. For those of you who are not yet familiar with  Glossy Box I personally think it is a brilliant idea. You subscribe to receive 5 luxury mini products every month. Which means you will always be up to date with the latest beauty trends AND it introduces you to new brands and products which you may not otherwise have known. The only downfall I suppose is that you don't get to chose what goes in the box, but obviously that is a risk you take when you subscribe. I think its is reasonably priced- a little on the pricey side(£10 + P&P) considering it is every month and you have no idea what you will be receiving, But on the plus side it is delivered in a beautiful box which you can use for storage which is always an issue! Soooo without further a do then pictures for the September Glossy Box




So, what do we have here?

1. a sample of Mary Greenwells perfume Plum. I have given it a little sniff and it smells promising!

2. 2 Spa Magik’s salt brushing sachets- I am looking forward to this- will make a lovely treat. Part of me feels that 2 sachets was a bit stingy, but I suppose it depends how much is in each and how far it will go.

3.Green peoples Fruitful night cream for younger looking skin- thankfully my skin hasn't aged too badly just yet (I'm 24!) but ill give it a go!

4.Neal Wolfs Glow spray for super shiny hair. Who doesn't want shiny hair? Count me in!.

5 HD High Definition brows. I sometimes fill in a few bald patches i have in my brows. I normally use ELF’s eyebrow kit as I don't do it every day, just special occasions Haha.

6.And finally, the little card that comes in the box with the product descriptions. Sorry for the poor photo quality!!


I’ll be back soon with a brief review of all the products. Until then my lovelies xxxx

Tuesday, 27 September 2011

Lets start again ….

This is only my second post, but my first one using Windows live writer, so not sure how it is going to turn out. bare with me whilst I get to grips with all of this please!

As you have probably already noticed, there is an extremely big gap between my first post and this post now…nearly a year! You're probably wondering why. I have no real excuse, apart from the fact that life took over. Everything became a bit much and i had to adjust to various changes in my life which of course meant that starting a blog was left completely on the back burner. Everything thing seems quite settled at the moment – well as settled as can be! So, hopefully this will be my first post of many- and not just a post a year! haha.

Enough of the chit chat. I've got some photos for you! A bit random, but I'm just going to throw them all on here. I hope you enjoy!




Some rings i bought from Primark. The job I had at the time required my to always have my nails french manicured, so I would go and get them done at a salon. Now I do my nails myself, so I will be able to post a few nails pictures and varnish reviews Smile 



How cute are these mugs!?!? Also from Primark. I absolutely adore them! Nothing beats a nice cup of tea before bed time Winking smile Speaking of bed, I think that is where im going to head off now! Don't want to overwhelm everyone with a massive picture heavy post because I haven't been able to blog for a year Surprised smile 


Good night sweethearts, Thanks for reading <3 xxxx