Thursday, 29 December 2011

My Christmas in photos

Hiiiiii!!! How are you all? Hope you had a fantastic Christmas! Sorry my post is a bit late. Christmas is always a mad time of year- and then I was back to work on Wednesday! Luckily I've got a few days off for New Years. Im just going to a house party this year. I feel that New Years Eve is slightly overrated- and they bleed you dry in London! SOOOOO expensive!!

On to Christmas……..


CHRISTMAS 2011 008 CHRISTMAS 2011 019

A few Christmas decorations


CHRISTMAS 2011 015 CHRISTMAS 2011 027



CHRISTMAS 2011 029 CHRISTMAS 2011 032


CHRISTMAS 2011 036 CHRISTMAS 2011 040

A few of my favourite gifts..


CHRISTMAS 2011 041 CHRISTMAS 2011 042

THE FOOD!!! Mmmmmmm


CHRISTMAS 2011 045 CHRISTMAS 2011 012


Phew! I absolutely LOVE Christmas! I had an amazing time.  Can I just say that my nails lasted 4 days- without chipping! Im sure they would have lasted longer but I got bored and decided to remove the varnish.


How was your Christmas? Have you got any New Years plans? xxx


  1. Lovely post! I have the goddess guide-love it! Am very sorry Christmas is all over now, I had lots of fun and it was nice spending it with friends and family :-) having a chilled out new years eve. Enjoy your party! X

  2. oh looks like you had an amazing christmas!
    love the nails too!