Monday, 31 October 2011

Jelly Pong Pong

Good evening lovelies! Thought Id quickly post before bed to show you something I picked up at BNTM Live event yesterday.


Its from a company called Jelly Pong Pong Cosmetics, which personally I had never heard of before. Now, all I will say is CHECK OUT THE PACKAGING!!!! I have never ever seen packaging as beautiful as this…….


BINTM 172    BINTM 174


BINTM 175    BINTM 176


BINTM 177   BINTM 178


These are the pictures of the eyeshadow taffy. Now, I'm not going to lie. I will probably never use this. Don't really like the colours or the consistency.


BINTM 179   BINTM 180


I'm not entirely sure if the bright pink one is also a eyeshadow…seems a big strange to me!? Either way LOVE the little birdy on top. SO CUTE!!!!

Now have a look at the lip-glosses….


BINTM 182  BINTM 183


BINTM 185   BINTM 187


BINTM 188  BINTM 191


Once again GORGEOUS!!! Those flowers are stuck on, so they don't come off when you remove the ribbon. The lip colours aren't too bad, a lot better than the eyeshadow taffy.


And finally the mascara and false lashes.


BINTM 193   BINTM 195


I haven't tried the mascara or lashes yet. I’m a bit of a mascara Nazi, I'm very particular about mascaras. I have only ever used false eyelashes once *shock horror*, but ill give these a go see what happens.




Not sure if you can see from that picture, but the cute butterfly pops out Smile It also smells delicious!

You can probably tell I’m not overly excited by the actually products, its all about the packaging for me. Makes me happy just looking at it! Haha.


Have you ever heard of Jelly Pong Pong Cosmetics? Do you like the packaging??


Sleep well beauties xxxx


Helllooooo!!! Sorry I didn’t post this yesterday. Went out for a few drinks afterwards so ended up coming home super late! Had an incredible day, although I felt slightly overwhelmed at times. There was just soooo much to look at. Amazing! If you would like more detail about the day you can have a look at the website Definitely worth a look for next year! Great day out!!! Smile 

I wont go into too much detail. I will just leave you with a few pics to give you an idea of the day.


BINTM 011   BINTM 015 

 BINTM 013    BINTM 012


The gorgeous Amy Childs from TOWIE with some wannabe models. Check out Amy's clothing line.

BINTM 022   BINTM 041 

 BINTM 111  BINTM 143

BINTM 148  BINTM 164 



The beautiful ladies on the catwalk- not to mention some sexy men! Haha.




Performances from Bluey Robinson & Luminites. Both incredible!


I loved every second of the catwalk show. Beautiful ladies, sexy men, and great music. PERFECT!!!


Sorry my photos aren't very good quality, I only have a basic camera.


Have you ever been to BNTM Live? Would you like to go?


Hope you are all well xxxx



Morning crumpets!? I cant decide if its cold or not? Strange right? I just don't know what sort of jacket to wear!! haha.  Layers are definitely the way forward.


Seeing as is a bit dark and gloomy outside, thought I would give you a quick NOTD post….shocking pink! Brightens up anything!




How absolutely gorgeous is this colour?? LOVE!  Its Rimmel’s lasting finish 066 Cranberry Zest.


Do you like to wear bright colours in Autumn / Winter? Or do you prefer sticking to subtler neutral colours?


Speak soon xxx

Saturday, 29 October 2011

Neti Pot


Afternoon beauties!! How are all you?

For those of you who are a bit squeamish I suggest you don't read this post!!



Blog 018

My PINK Neti Pot Open-mouthed smile 


Todays post is going to be something a bit different. As the title suggests, I am going to talk a bit about my Neti Pot. Now, I'm sure there are many of you who have absolutely no idea what the hell that is- I don't blame you. I only learnt recently. A Neti Pot is a form of nasal irrigation. Yuck…!? Yeh, I thought so at first too.


Well as you can see from my picture above, the Neti Pot has a spout- seeing as its nasal irrigation you can imagine what you have to do with that spout! For those of you who would like to see it in action click below Smile (its not me)




I know it looks a bit weird and gross. I've tried it out quite a few times now. It feels kind of strange to be honest- but not in a bad way. I think sometimes I'm not doing it properly though, because sometimes the water goes down my throat, which isn't very nice!


You may be wondering why anyone would want to do this? Well there are various health benefits. I suffer from asthma and as a consequence am also allergic to animal hair, feathers and pollen. Don't get me wrong, its not that bad, but I thought Id give it a go. Especially now for winter time when people fall ill, maybe by keeping my nasal passages fresh and clean I wont get so blocked / runny!? Who knows.  Here's a link it you would like to know more about the health benefits of the Neti Pot


Have any of you ever tried a Net Pot? If not, would you like to try it or does it freak you out a bit?

Sunday, 23 October 2011


Afternoon lovelies! Hope you are all well. Ive just been working and meeting up with friends- living for the weekend! Sad right!?

Soooo you may or may not remember that in Septembers Glossy Box we received HD Brow kit. This is just a quick post to show you what my brows look like with the darkest shade on…I have naturally dark brown brows. I don't normally fill them in, but I will say that I quite enjoyed the look! Its incredible what eyebrows do to your face.

I have a strange obsession with eyebrows. I hate to say it, but I judge people by their eyebrows- a lot! If you have perfect brows I will be staring at you and will probably come up to you and ask you how the hell you managed to get them to look so damn good!? I no longer pluck my brows, I get them threaded. I obviously don't have an eye for those sorts of things because I would constantly over pluck and lose all shape. Came very close to having no brows at all!


Eva Longoria and Selena Gomez with no brows. Just saying….   


Now that's a nice defined brow right?? THANK YOU HD BROWS!

Do you fill your eyebrows in? Are you as obsessed with brows as I am?

Have a great day beauties! Back away from the tweezers!!! xxx

Saturday, 1 October 2011

Holiday memories

Good evening beauties! How are you all? Good day? The sun has come out to play here in London (which is very unusual!) so I thought id do a quick post with a few holiday snaps. I was lucky enough to go on holiday twice this summer. Once to Seville in Spain and also to Milan in Italy. Hope you enjoy the photos and reminds you of your own summer….perfect timing just before we hit Christmas Smile







Holiday anyone!?? xxxx