Saturday, 31 December 2011


2012 fireworks


I'm not really one for New Years resolutions, but of course with the start of a new year it always makes me take a step back and reflect on various things in life that I would ideally like to change/ improve.


So here are my improvements for 2012

  • Exercise more regularly
  • Change job and think about ultimate career direction!
  • Continue *trying* to save up some money
  • Improve my blog and post more frequently
  • Show my love and appreciation for all my amazing friends and family more often!


I could go on and on really- but I think they are the main things for me


Have you made any New Years resolutions? How will you celebrate the New Year?



Thursday, 29 December 2011

My Christmas in photos

Hiiiiii!!! How are you all? Hope you had a fantastic Christmas! Sorry my post is a bit late. Christmas is always a mad time of year- and then I was back to work on Wednesday! Luckily I've got a few days off for New Years. Im just going to a house party this year. I feel that New Years Eve is slightly overrated- and they bleed you dry in London! SOOOOO expensive!!

On to Christmas……..


CHRISTMAS 2011 008 CHRISTMAS 2011 019

A few Christmas decorations


CHRISTMAS 2011 015 CHRISTMAS 2011 027



CHRISTMAS 2011 029 CHRISTMAS 2011 032


CHRISTMAS 2011 036 CHRISTMAS 2011 040

A few of my favourite gifts..


CHRISTMAS 2011 041 CHRISTMAS 2011 042

THE FOOD!!! Mmmmmmm


CHRISTMAS 2011 045 CHRISTMAS 2011 012


Phew! I absolutely LOVE Christmas! I had an amazing time.  Can I just say that my nails lasted 4 days- without chipping! Im sure they would have lasted longer but I got bored and decided to remove the varnish.


How was your Christmas? Have you got any New Years plans? xxx

Saturday, 24 December 2011


So I know its Christmas Eve…but I thought id give all you lovelies a little present as I prob wont be able to post tomorrow. Enjoy.


xmas1 xmas2


xmas3 xmas5

*All images from Weheartit*

Friday, 23 December 2011

Christmas Nails

Beauties! How are you all? Today was my last day of work until Wednesday! Wooop Wooop!

Whilst doing some Christmas shopping online I inevitably ordered myself a little something….no harm in treating yourself! Sooo I was on the Models Own website and saw that they had nail varnish collections reduced from £30 to £20- so I just couldn't resist. I was good though as I only bought 1 collection. I went for the glitter collection. It finally arrived the other day and I am sooooo pleased with it.


BLOG 001 BLOG 003


BLOG 004 BLOG 005


I love it when company's take the time and effort to package things properly so there's no damage and its also so much more presentable. In the collection you get 6 nail varnishes; Juicy Jules, Purple Haze, Scarlet Sparkle, Emerald City, Disco Mix and Mixed Up. I'm such a massive fan of glitter so I love them all!


Seeing as its Christmas I thought id do some Christmas nails using 2 of my new polishes.


BLOG 008 BLOG 009


BLOG 012 BLOG 013


For my Christmas nails I used Emerald City & Scarlet Sparkle. The glitter in the Scarlett Sparkle doesn't really come out well on camera, but I promise you it looks great in real life!

Scarlet Sparkle is like a red nail varnish with pieces of glitter in it, whereas Emerald City is just green glitter- so you definitely need at least 2 coats with it.


Are you all prepared for Christmas? I absolutely love it! Thankfully I've done all my shopping so now I can just sit back and relax. Only 2 more sleeps!!!


Do you like glitter nails? Do you always end up buying yourself a few gifts even when you are supposed to be shopping for others ?

Winking smile I know I do.


Hope you are all well xxxx

Sunday, 18 December 2011

December Glossy Box

Hi beauties! cant believe its already Sunday evening-work tomorrow! Boo! Im sure you have already seen many posts on the Christmas edition of GlossyBox but I just wanted to leave you with a few pictures. Mainly NOTD to show you the Deborah Lipman nail varnish that came in the box.


BLOG 001 BLOG 003


BLOG 004 BLOG 005 


BLOG 006 BLOG 007


BLOG 008 BLOG 027


BLOG 028 BLOG 031


I absolutely LOVE it! I think its perfect for the festive season.

I have also tried the mascara. Im very particular about mascaras- so im not 100% convinced just yet. But what I will say is that it is very easy to remove. I would say its the best mascara EVER when it comes to removing it. So easy- even if you just use water. If you have the mascara try it! Its incredible- really.

The Rituals shower foam is great. Very foamy and smells lovely! And its a full size product! Win!

This is by far my favourite GlossyBox. Absolutely chuffed!


Hope you've all had an amazing weekend! xxx

Saturday, 17 December 2011

Nail Wraps

Helllooo!! How is everyone's weekend going? I popped into the shops today- big mistake! They were completely packed! Just thought Id do a quick post to show the nails I am currently sporting. I used the nail wraps that were part of the November GlossyBox  from Nail Rock and a Topshop nail varnish in Heart of Gold.


BLOG 007    BLOG 003


BLOG 001 BLOG 006



It was relatively easy to put the nail wraps on. Unfortunately one of mine didn't last very long. I'm not sure why but it just didn't want to stick to the nail properly! Either way- I think they are great. Very easy considering the effect they give! I decided to only used them on 1 finger on each hand…I thought maybe a full set of leopard print nails might be a bit much. Im very happy with the way they look.


Right, must dash. Ive got to start getting ready for my friends 30th Birthday tonight! Open-mouthed smile  Enjoy the rest of your weekend beauties!  xxx

Have you ever used nail wraps?

Monday, 12 December 2011

Shopping Again!

I definitely have a problem….I always seem to be shopping? I just cant stop!! Haha. Any one else have that problem ? Smile with tongue out


Sooooo without further ado, I present to you my latest shopping trip!


BLOG 009 BLOG 010


The Bodyshop’s strawberry body is by far my favourite body butter ever! I absolutely love the smell of it! I always feel sexy after applying it! Obligatory Christmas purchase..SNOW FAIRY!! Does anyone actually use it as a shampoo???

I also bought a Sleek Pout Paint in Pin Up, a Collection 200 shimmer cube and some Maybelline dream Matte Mousse in Sand. If you would like me to swatch any of these items, just let me know Smile 

BLOG 012 BLOG 013

I pretty much saw on every blog a post about Lipcote. I know they were all promotional, but it worked on me! haha. I tend to wear lipstick a lot more than lip gloss, so I had to have it! Not sure how I feel so far though? It does what it says on the tin but it just feels so strange? I also bought myself a body brush because I broke the handle on the other one….(!!) Sorry the pic of the top & earrings is so blurry. They're both from Primark.


BLOG 014 BLOG 015

I love the crotchet detailed collar. So simple yet so effective!

BLOG 016 BLOG 017

With the winter weather I also bought a large mustard colour scarf / pashmina and a plain black woollen scarf. They are both from Primark. I didn't really need a scarf as I have loads, but I just loved the mustard one! And the black one is a tad more practical…prob why I haven't worn it yet! Haha.


Do you also find yourself constantly popping out to the shops? What is your favourite body butter?? xxx