Monday, 6 December 2010

Just ME .... and eventually YOU

Welcome :)

So, ive finally jumped on the blog bandwagon! Not many of us left now. First post is a bit daunting, not entirely sure what to write about, so perhaps ill just introduce myself and outline briefly what this blog will be about. Im your average 23 year old female living in London (never sure whether to say girl / woman or lady??) There is nothing 'special' about me. I am not artistic, or fashionable or beautiful or skinny. I am just me. I have brown hair and brown eyes and I am a size 14 (fluctuate A LOT!) I wake up early and go to work and come home late. I still live with my parents, which quite frankly is a god-send!

So, what about my blog then? Well as I am nothing and everything at the same time, as too will be my blog. It wont be about one specific topic, it will just be about life. The things I love, the things I hate and everything inbetween. And whats even more important, once I am up and running and have posted a few things on here I would LOVE it if people got involved and left comments (hence the inside ME and YOU!) 

Thanx for taking the time to stop by :) xxx