Tuesday, 29 November 2011

Barcelona (Pic Heavy)

Evening!  How are you all? Just wanted to leave you with some pics from Barcelona. Amazzzzing city! Absolutely beautiful! And the weather was incredible considering the time of year! Hope you are all well lovelies xxx
















Have any of you ever been to Barcelona? If you could escape to anywhere in the world for just one week, where would you go?

Monday, 28 November 2011

Sundays’ Song

Just thought Id quickly post one of my fave songs atm. Sorry for not blogging much recently, I went to Barcelona for a few days but I'm back now Open-mouthed smile  Ill post some pics soon…promise!! Enjoy the rest of your Sunday beauties.


Do you like this song? Have you ever seen Labrinth or Tinie Tempah in concert? What’s your favourite song right now?

Wednesday, 16 November 2011

Argan Oil

Hello!! How are you all? Mid-week already, can you believe it!? I'm kind of glad- I'm definitely a live for the weekend kinda girl! Hehe.


So as you probably already know, there has been a lot of talk recently about Argan Oil and how good it is for your hair. To give you a brief outline of what Argan Oil actually is I would like to quote Wikipedia Argan oil is an oil produced from the kernels of the argan tree, endemic to Morocco, that is valued for its nutritive, cosmetic and numerous medicinal properties’ (I love Wikipedia)


Anyways, I went online and got myself some Argan Oil….TA DAH!


BLOG 014   BLOG 011


As you can see its not branded. I got it from a supplier called Blackstone Supplies on ebay for £5.99


Words cannot describe just how much I love this product. It is incredible. I have only used it about 5 times , but each time I am reminded just how amazing it is. My hair has never felt so soft. The only problem I have with my hair behind so soft is that it becomes very flyaway. Hence why Ive only used it a few times. The atomizer that comes with it isn't the best, its not an even spray more of a straight squirt, but nothings perfect!


Have you tried Argan Oil? Did it work as well for you?

Sunday, 13 November 2011

Earrings Galore

Morning beauties! Guess who went shopping again? Haha. Its ok if its Primark though- it doesn't really count. You’ll see what I mean….


BLOG 001   BLOG 002


BLOG 003   BLOG 004


As you can see I bought 4 pairs of earrings in Primark. Can you tell I like big & bright earrings? Haha.  With the prices in Primark I just cant resist. I think statement jewellery can transform the most casual outfit.


I also bought some bracelets and a bargain bag!


BLOG 005  BLOG 006


BLOG 007  BLOG 008


Guess how much the bag was!?! £3!!!! I couldnt believe my luck! I absolutely love it! Im a massive fan of across the body bags because I just find them more comfortable. I love how this bag looks quite boho.


When I got home from work I was very lucky to see that my lovely mum had bought me a pair of boots for Winter from F&F @ Tesco’s.


BLOG 009  BLOG 010


I practically live in boots in Winter time. I think my toes get colder than ANY other part of my body. I often fear ill lose a toe-dramatic? Yes. But feels oh so real.


Have you found any good bargains recently? Do you enjoy wearing statement jewellery?



Tuesday, 8 November 2011



Morrrrrning!! How are you all? Tired? Yeah, me too! Haha.


Sooooooo, just wanted to quickly post about the new water bottle I got. Its called a Bobble Bottle and I love it! I got mine in pink…of course! Haha.


Blog 009


That twisty looking thing sticking into it is actually a filter! Ingenious! I live in London and I'm not always able to get to filtered water, so i thought this would be the perfect solution! Mine is a 1litre bottle but they also come in 550ml and 385ml. AND you can change the filter colour!!! AMAZING! LOVE IT!


I used to hate drinking water when I was younger. Didn't like the fact that it had no ‘taste’ but now I love it!


Summer is not the only time you need to remember to drink water, so make sure you drink as much as you can. Its incredibly good for you and cheap / free! Flush out all the impurities in your body. Drinking lots of water will also help if you are suffering from a cold or the flu.




Do you have a water filtered bottle? Do you drink lots of water?


Stay hydrated beauties!!! xxxx

Sunday, 6 November 2011

Shopping & Snacking

Ello Ello! Not got much time but thought id do a quick post on what I bought yesterday. Its not a lot, but hey ho.


Went into Zara….now I hate to say it but I'm not really a bit Zara fan. Maybe its my size and shape. I'm a size 14 in most shops, but nothing in Zara seems to fit me or look good on me. Plus, I find it kinda pricey for what it is. I ended up getting a bag.


Blog 019   Blog 020


Its just a white shoulder bag. Nothing special. It cost me £29.99 though! I only got it because I have to use up some vouchers I was given. Seeing as it cost me £30 I would expect it to be of a certain quality. All im going to say it its Polyurethane and it was made In China….Maybe I’m just being a cheapo.


Anywhoooo, Ive wanted to buy some Mineral make up for ages. My friends keep going on about how good it is, so I had to try it.


Blog 010  BLOG 016


BLOG 017



I got the Starter Kit for £48. Personally, I think its a little pricey. It comes with 3 brushes, 2 foundations, warmth, bisque and mineral veil. So, I suppose its not too bad really. The only thing is I'm crazily disappointed. Sad smile

It does nothing for me. I think my problem is I need a lot of coverage. I break out around my chin area quite a bit and have some scars from old spots. It just doesn't really look like I'm wearing any foundation. What I will say though is that I use the Mineral Veil over my normal foundation to set it in place. Works a treat! Also, the ‘warmth’ is quite subtle. Makes a nice change to blusher or bronzer.


BLOG 018



All in all not the best shopping trip I've ever had. Never mind, it happens right?  When I got home I had a little snack whilst making dinner.


Blog 038


Cut up apple, with almond butter mixed with vanilla protein powder and water.  I have no name for that sauce. All I know is that its yummy and good for you! Im loving apples right now!


What was the last purchase you regretted? Do you use Mineral Make up? Do you like Zara?



Wednesday, 2 November 2011

Forever 21


Morning gorgeous girlies! How are you all? I hope none of you are falling ill. I can feel sniffles coming on. Been downing Berocca just in case! haha.


So yesterday I hit up forever 21.  It wasn't my intention, I was just waiting to meet up with a friend so thought Id pop in. I was good though Open-mouthed smile only came out with 2 rings! 2 GORGEOUS rings. Check em out!


Blog 012Blog 011




Blog 016Blog 014

I don't think the pictures do the rings justice, but they are truly beautiful. What do you think?


Do you like big colourful rings? Or do you think they are a bit over the top? Ever been to Forever 21?