Thursday, 1 December 2011

Beautiful Florals

Hellllo! Open-mouthed smile How are you all? Happy 1st December! Its so cold now! I knew it had to come eventually….haha.


I didn't really buy much whilst away in Barcelona, it was all food & drink!  However I  thought id show you 3 little things I  bought that I think are beautiful.


BLOG 027 BLOG 026

This is really strange, I know. But they are a bouquet of dried flowers! They're absolutely gorgeous!! And I love that they are dried so they will never die Open-mouthed smile hehe. Im completely in love with all the colours!


BLOG 022 BLOG 019

BLOG 020 BLOG 018


I absolutely adore the above earrings. They're extremely pretty and a little bit unusual. Aaaand the best part…. 2 for 5euro!!! I was a very happy bunny!


What was your last bargain? Has anyone got themselves an advent calendar this year?


Hope your week has gone well so far…..Friday tomorrow!!! Woop!  xxxx

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