Wednesday, 7 December 2011

New Purse

Just wanted to quickly post about my new purse because I LOVE IT!! I'm quite fussy when it comes to purses. I need a lot of space. I like big purses and plenty of space of cards and coins.


BLOG 029 BLOG 030

BLOG 031 BLOG 032

The coin compartment                                     The card compartment

BLOG 033


Yes…it has 2 zips for 2 compartments. Its love. Its big. Its red. Its shiny. Its mine!!!


I bought it from Ebay. Under £10 including P&P!!!


What are your purse requirements? What item are you most ‘particular’ about?




  1. The color of this purse is gorgeous! Love it!

  2. Thank you Brittany!! :-) xxx

  3. Hi! I have recently started blogging too! Have enjoyed reading yours so far! The purse is lovely - mine is also big with zips and is from Cath Kidston. Helps to keep me organised! X

  4. The purse is really pretty, I love ones with compartments in too, and one big enough for all the cards I carry around! xo