Wednesday, 4 January 2012

Nail Art Pens

Hey lovelies!! Hope you are all excited about the new year ahead of us! I love a fresh start Smile

A while back I ordered some Nail Art pens off Ebay- completely forgot about them as it took them ages to get here (to be fair they came from China!) I absolutely LOVE them! They're brilliant- and they were sooooo cheap! £8.20 including postage for 24 pens! Such a bargain!


BLOG 001 BLOG 002


BLOG 004 BLOG 005


I also found a good use for my Glossy Box!


BLOG 006 BLOG 007




Do you enjoy trying out different designs on your nails? What do you use your old Glossy Boxes for? xxx


  1. what a bargain! i want some! can you send me the link for the seller?

  2. wow, you got a lot of them!

    Hope you had a wonderful new year my dear!

  3. I really enjoy nail polish, these look amazing! great blog :)


  4. Happy new year, great layout of these nail polishes!
    Morgan xx

  5. wow! that's really alot of nail art pens!!! :DDD

  6. WOW..tts a massive collection u have there!!!
    U must really love doin nail art. :)