Saturday, 28 January 2012

Red Lips

Helllllloooooo!!!! Any exciting weekend plans? I'm sure you have all heard of the amazing make up brand MUA. Well, I have discovered one of my fave lip colours. Im a big fan of red lips- well bright lips in general. Nude lips don't really suit my complexion. I have been wearing MUA’s lipstick in Shade 1 every single say for about 2 weeks now. I absolutely LOVE it!!


BLOG 015 cropped


What do you think? Do you like bright lips or do you prefer nudes?? xxx


  1. Day to day I dont tend to wear anyhing but I like something bold for a night out. This colour is gorgeous- MUA do it again, they're amazing! xx
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  2. woww i love that shade. I love the MUA lippies. They're suprisingly moisturising :) must try this.. xx