Tuesday, 17 January 2012

Weekend Eyes

Hello!! How are you all doing? Last week was crazy mad and this week seems to be panning out pretty much the same! Really need to start learning how to organise my life properly. Work gets in the way of life so much doesn't it!? Haha.

Thought I would leave you with a pic of my eye make up over the weekend.

BLOG 047 crop

*please excuse my eyebrows!


So I used one of the most talked about pallets recently- MUA’s heave & earth. I absolutely LOVE this palette. I'm a massive fan of neutral colours- they suit my brown eyes quite well. I love colours that can look so natural but are buildable for a dramatic effect.

On my water line I used Miss Sporty eye liner in 120 Naughty Blue. I've been using this for years. I love how creamy it is and its really cheap- cant go wrong!

I applied Max Factors false Lash effect mascara. This is my fave mascara ever. As you can see it gives my lashes volume and thickness (?!) I'm so particular and critical of mascaras, so when I find one I like I never let it go!


Hope you are all well lovelies!!


Do you have a favourite item of make up you have been using for years?? xxx


  1. wow, I love this mascara!!! Amazing! Beautiful make :-) Have a great weekend darlin! xxxx

  2. I really love the flash of blue! It really makes your eyes pop. So pretty! xx

  3. Hi lovely! I have given you a Cute Blog Award!xx


  4. OH MY..i want your eyelashes! i was reading through to see which false lashes you had used! Then i realised theyre your own (JEL). I will have to try that mascara in the hope that my eyelashes will look like yours! :) x

  5. your eyes are so pretty !! i wish i had your eyelashes :(


  6. I know I'm just repeating the other comments but your eyelashes are amazing! Thanks for following me I am now following back :) x

  7. Your eyelashes look lovely <3
    My favorite has to be collection 2000 eyeliner.
    www.sstylexoxo.blogspot.com ♥