Tuesday, 8 November 2011



Morrrrrning!! How are you all? Tired? Yeah, me too! Haha.


Sooooooo, just wanted to quickly post about the new water bottle I got. Its called a Bobble Bottle and I love it! I got mine in pink…of course! Haha.


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That twisty looking thing sticking into it is actually a filter! Ingenious! I live in London and I'm not always able to get to filtered water, so i thought this would be the perfect solution! Mine is a 1litre bottle but they also come in 550ml and 385ml. AND you can change the filter colour!!! AMAZING! LOVE IT!


I used to hate drinking water when I was younger. Didn't like the fact that it had no ‘taste’ but now I love it!


Summer is not the only time you need to remember to drink water, so make sure you drink as much as you can. Its incredibly good for you and cheap / free! Flush out all the impurities in your body. Drinking lots of water will also help if you are suffering from a cold or the flu.




Do you have a water filtered bottle? Do you drink lots of water?


Stay hydrated beauties!!! xxxx

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  1. This is such a cool looking water bottle. I have seen similar filters, but never got one. Now I must!