Sunday, 6 November 2011

Shopping & Snacking

Ello Ello! Not got much time but thought id do a quick post on what I bought yesterday. Its not a lot, but hey ho.


Went into Zara….now I hate to say it but I'm not really a bit Zara fan. Maybe its my size and shape. I'm a size 14 in most shops, but nothing in Zara seems to fit me or look good on me. Plus, I find it kinda pricey for what it is. I ended up getting a bag.


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Its just a white shoulder bag. Nothing special. It cost me £29.99 though! I only got it because I have to use up some vouchers I was given. Seeing as it cost me £30 I would expect it to be of a certain quality. All im going to say it its Polyurethane and it was made In China….Maybe I’m just being a cheapo.


Anywhoooo, Ive wanted to buy some Mineral make up for ages. My friends keep going on about how good it is, so I had to try it.


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I got the Starter Kit for £48. Personally, I think its a little pricey. It comes with 3 brushes, 2 foundations, warmth, bisque and mineral veil. So, I suppose its not too bad really. The only thing is I'm crazily disappointed. Sad smile

It does nothing for me. I think my problem is I need a lot of coverage. I break out around my chin area quite a bit and have some scars from old spots. It just doesn't really look like I'm wearing any foundation. What I will say though is that I use the Mineral Veil over my normal foundation to set it in place. Works a treat! Also, the ‘warmth’ is quite subtle. Makes a nice change to blusher or bronzer.


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All in all not the best shopping trip I've ever had. Never mind, it happens right?  When I got home I had a little snack whilst making dinner.


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Cut up apple, with almond butter mixed with vanilla protein powder and water.  I have no name for that sauce. All I know is that its yummy and good for you! Im loving apples right now!


What was the last purchase you regretted? Do you use Mineral Make up? Do you like Zara?



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