Wednesday, 2 November 2011

Forever 21


Morning gorgeous girlies! How are you all? I hope none of you are falling ill. I can feel sniffles coming on. Been downing Berocca just in case! haha.


So yesterday I hit up forever 21.  It wasn't my intention, I was just waiting to meet up with a friend so thought Id pop in. I was good though Open-mouthed smile only came out with 2 rings! 2 GORGEOUS rings. Check em out!


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I don't think the pictures do the rings justice, but they are truly beautiful. What do you think?


Do you like big colourful rings? Or do you think they are a bit over the top? Ever been to Forever 21?


  1. I love big colourful rings, I love jazzing up my hands a bit! I need to visit Forever 21 soon.


  2. Me too Sarah! Colourful rings can really add a little something to an outfit- especially if its looking a bit drab otherwise! You should definitely visit forever 21! Let me know what you think xxx

  3. The rings are really pretty! I personally like Forever 21's jewellery much more than the clothes. X

  4. I agree with you Mademoiselle Lala...I didnt buy any clothes when I went! They def have some gorgeous pieces of jewellery though- so couldnt resist! xxx

  5. I love the rings!! And ur nail polish is gorgeous!! What polishes have u used? xxx