Tuesday, 28 February 2012

Marrakech Goodies

Evening beauties! How are you all? I've had a bit of a dicky belly today, must have been that curry I had last night! Haha. Naughty! Thought id do a quick post on some of the things I bought whilst out in Marrakech. I didn't really get much because I just found it hard work. You have to keep bartering with everyone to get a half decent price- I found it pretty stressful! Haha. But what I will say, is that on the whole, it is crazy cheap in Marrakech. If you ever go, leave some space in your suitcase to bring goodies back!


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I got two pairs of earrings & two bracelets. They worked out at about 80p each! How crazy is that? In retrospect I probably should have bought a few more for that price!


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I also got this across the body bag. I LOVE IT! Its pretty spacious, and I love how its got a cute little pocket under the flap. Its real leather and cost around £18! The only thing I'm not loving about it is the smell….it definitely smells like leather. We went to visit the tanneries in Marrakech, which was experience to say the least, but the smell just remind me of that! Does anyone know how to get  rid of the smell of leather?

As I was in Marrakech I also got some Argan oil & solid perfume. The Argan oil smells completely different to what I had bought online, so I'm not sure if I got tricked before or this time? haha. Either way I like to think that the Argan Oil i got from Marrakech is the real deal.

I shall leave you with a little something I got in one of the souks…


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 Can anyone guess what it is?? Ill give you a clue- its beauty related. I shall reveal all in the next post! Until then lovelies!! xxx



  1. Ohh I love that bag. That mystery item looks like a foundation? Or a powder brush holder...I really have no idea. I am not very make up inclined.

  2. hey love, thanks for the comment. how did you juice fast go? why did you put back the weight? how did you feel on day #7?


  3. I love the bag!!!!!

    Heather xx

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  5. love everything! would you enjoy following each other? kisses