Wednesday, 1 February 2012

L.A Colors

Hey beauties!! Half way through the week!  I went out to Caribbean restaurant last night with a friend of mine. Good, wholesome food. No frills. Loved it! Any weekend plans?

I was in the Shepherds Bush area today, so I had to pop into Westfields. I'm  trying to budget a bit. Ideally save a few more pennies to go towards travelling- or just for a rainy day! Soooo with that in mind i didn't really do a proper shop, I just headed to Beauty Base where they sell L.A Colors nail varnishes for 99p! So I bought 5…I just cant resist a good bargain! Plus it satisfies that urge I have to purchase SOMETHING! haha.  Bit of a fail really because I already have one of the colours..haha. Check out my nails with Luscious Wine on here


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What do you think of the colours? Have you ever bought any L.A Colors varnishes? xxx

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